Why should we use a battery equalizer?


    Battery equalizer is a device used for balancing the charge levels of individual batteries in a battery pack. In fields such as energy storage systems, the performance and lifespan of each individual battery directly affect the overall system's performance and lifespan. Therefore, the role of a battery equalizer is crucial.

    Usually, individual batteries in a battery pack differ in charge level due to factors such as usage time, temperature, and charging/discharging cycles. If not balanced in time, some batteries will gradually lose capacity or even fail. The battery equalizer works by discharging batteries that are overcharged and charging those that are undercharged to maintain a consistent charge level for each individual battery.

    In addition to ensuring the charge levels of individual batteries in a battery pack, a battery equalizer can also extend the lifespan of the battery pack. If some batteries are always in a high-charge state, their lifespan will be shortened. By using a battery equalizer, each individual battery receives reasonable use and charging/discharging cycles, which can extend the lifespan of the entire battery pack.

    We are a company that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of battery equalizers. With over ten years of experience in producing and researching battery equalizers, we have obtained multiple patents for our products. We have developed multiple models of battery equalizers that can be applied to 24V, 48V, 96V batteries, etc. Additionally, we can also customize battery equalizers according to your needs.

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