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Shenzhen Huaxiao technology Co., Ltd is the professional manufacture of HA series equalizer with more than 10 years experience.  We have many types battery equalizers Compatible with lead acid battery, lifepo4 battery, NiMH Battery, etc. Please check the main products as follows:




To All Customers:

As we all know, Shenzhen Huaxiao technology Co., Ltd develop the HA series equalizer.  Since Year 2012, the first battery equalizer HA01 released in the market. Our equalizers are well welcomed by many customers. They are very satisfied with the equalizer for its good quality and excellent performance. We develop many types equalizer which can suitable for various kinds of batteries. We also supply the customized, OEM and ODM service according to the customers requirements.

We have created a good reputation in battery equalizer market due to precise production positioning, fast delivery and excellent quality assurance. All delivered products have passed the company's stringent professional performance testing, which can meet the needs of the customer market. Our equalizer have been exported more than 150countries and region as Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Africa, etc.

Unfortunately,there are more and more fake/copy equalizers in the market. They copy our products outlook, copy our technical parameter, but with poor quality. Some customer have accidentally bought counterfeit battery equalizer, which caused serious consequences. Please pay attention to select the genuine equalizer.

How to identify genuine products:

  • Model Name:

          We name our equalizer model start as HA**. Such as HA01, HA02, HA11, HA12, HA11L,HA12L, HA02-8S, HA02-16S etc.

  • In Appearance:

         Our products with anti-counterfeiting stickers.  

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  • In quality and performance:

Our Our R&D team keep on innovate and improve products. Based on our clients' feedback, as well as a large number of test experiments, we have improved the circuit board design, component selection, and manufacturing process of the equalizer, so that the stability and reliability of the product are greatly improved.