Battery Equalizer HA11/HA12 App is updated


  The application is designed to match with HA11 or HA12 battery balancers. Once the application is opened, it automatically displays nearby balancers via Bluetooth scanning. After connecting to the balancer, the application reads the voltage and historical data of each battery in the balancer. The read data is displayed in a graphical format to facilitate checking the battery status. The program has now been updated to version 3.1, and a new feature has been added: real-time measurement of voltage.

  We will continue to improve the functionality of the application. Thank you to all users for their suggestions and support!

  Battery Equalizer HA11/HA12 App has been updated in Google Play and our Website.  

  Please visit the Google Play to serch “BlackBox Battery Equalizer” or visite our website to update your App. 

  Please kindly tell us if you have any better suggestion of our product or App. Thanks for your support all the time.