VWG2014 1KW hybrid charge controller


Rated Voltage: 12V/24V auto detect

Max charge Current: Wind 40A/ Solar 20A (default adjustable)

12V Rated Power: Wind 600W/Solar 400W

24V Rated Power: Wind 600W/Solar 400W

Net Weight: 1.7KG

Size: 278×133×75mm

CE RoHS Certification




The VWG2014 hybrid charge controller is a smart controller.

The integrated micro computer monitors all the necessary inputs and outputs to ensure precise control.

Main features:

  • LCD display with input keys to allow user to alter values
  • The unit will store information such as
    • Total amps generated
    • Total Kw hours generated
    • Amps used by load
    • And many more
  • Connection of both solar and wind
  • Auto sensing of voltage of batteries connected
  • Ensures the battery is maintained in best possible condition by preventing overcharging and over discharging.
  • Automatic braking of the turbine. When the current is bigger than max charge current,controller will reduce the charge current gradually until no charging and brake totally.
  • You can choose the brake alert from 0-100.
  • Manual brake switch, also have remote brake interface.
  • A “Load” output where external devices can be switched on and off at user determined voltages.
  • The “load” output is also current limited to protect the connected device
  • Night lamp control. when the Light dimmed load will automatically open, when the light is illuminated, the load will automatically close.

Connection diagram:


Main parameters: