HA11L 24V Battery Equalizer


HA11L Battery equalizer is for balancing 2*12V battery bank. Compatible with lead acid battery, lifepo4 battery, NiMH Battery, etc. It start work when there is 20mv voltage difference between batteries. 

  • Model: HA11L-111
  • Battery: 2*12V battery 
  • With display show realtime voltage
  • Size: 70*70*27mm
  • Weight: 0.2KG
  • CE RoHS certification



Main Features: 

  • For 2*12V Batteries
  • With Inside LED Light
  • With Display show realtime voltage value
  • Voice control display for lower power consumption;
  • Battery protector,extend battery lifetime
  • Active Energy Transfer Equalizer
  • Compatible with all batteries, No Battery type limited
  • Fast balance speed and low consumption
  • No need of external power supply
  • Free maintenance;
  • Reverse polarity protection, safe and reliable. 
  • IP67, waterproof and moisture-proof;
  • Small size, easy installation.
  • CE, RoHS certification
  • Customization service

Working Principle


Technical Specification:

Model HA11L
Battery Normal Voltage 2*12V
Battery cell voltage range 10V-18V
Balance current 0-5A(based on voltage difference)
Balance status keep on working in charging/discharging/free status when there is 20mv voltage difference
Dimensions 70*70*27 mm
Weight 0.2kg
Protection Reverse polarity protection
Low Voltage Disconnect 10V
Certification CE, RoHS
customized Yes, offer OEM ODM service



  led A LED B
U(A)=U(B) Off Off
U(A)>U(B) Flash Off
U(A)<U(B) Off Flash
U(A)<10V On Off
U(B)<10V Off On
U(A/B)<10V On On


LED Display:



Please connect battery equalizer to batteries as the following order (showed in the picture)

  1. Black cable: Battery A negative/- pole
  2. Red cable: Battery B positive/+ pole
  3. White cable: Battery B negative pole or Battery A positive pole.(The pole which connected Battery A and Battery B in series)



  • 1x battery equalizer
  • 1x user manual


Shenzhen Huaxiao Technology Co., Ltd is the professional manufacture of equalizer with 12 years experience. All delivered products have passed the company's stringent professional performance testing, which can meet the needs of the customer market. Please contact us for more detailed information.