The car battery balance in series system solutions

(Summary description)Car battery balance in series inconsistency reasons and solutions. There are roughly four solutions to the inconsistency problem.

The car battery balance in series system solutions

(Summary description)Car battery balance in series inconsistency reasons and solutions. There are roughly four solutions to the inconsistency problem.


Electric vehicles using car battery balance in series as the power source can achieve zero pollution during use. Therefore, it can effectively solve the problem of vehicle pollution and energy. Lead-acid batteries have become the main power source of electric vehicles because of their good sealing and pollution-free advantages. General electric vehicles use battery packs to provide power. These battery packs are made up of single car battery balance in series, so that there is a problem of inconsistency between the single capacity during charging and discharging, which affects the service life and efficiency of the battery. And the reliability of the system. Therefore, it is very necessary to perform equalization control on the battery pack during charging and discharging.

car battery balance

1. Car battery balance in series inconsistency reasons and solutions

There are roughly four solutions to the inconsistency problem: (1) Ensure the quality of the factory in the manufacturing process and reduce the difference between the cells; (2) Strict screening of the consistency of the battery cell parameters of the battery pack; ( 3) During use, try to keep each cell in the same environment, measure the voltage distribution of each battery regularly, and replace the battery cells whose voltage deviates too much from the normal value in time; (4) Configure a battery pack equalization charging system.

It is easy to get through analysis. Although the first three schemes are feasible, they will bring a lot of pressure to manufacturers. At present, a more reasonable solution is to adopt an independent equalization charging system, which can effectively reduce the inconsistency of the monomer during charging, and maximize the use efficiency and life of the battery.

2. Car battery balance in series The influence of the inconsistency of the monomer capacity

The inconsistency of the internal resistance, capacity and other parameters of the batteries that make up the battery pack will make the batteries with low capacity in the battery pack more likely to be overcharged and overdischarged, causing the battery pack to become trapped in the battery plate, and the capacity gap will be further enlarged. In a vicious circle. This not only shortens the service life of the battery, but also increases the internal resistance of the battery plate and reduces the effective active material due to the vulcanization of the battery plate, resulting in a decrease in the charging and discharging energy conversion efficiency of the battery pack, the output power and the power performance of the electric vehicle.

3. The car battery balance solution

Nowadays, there are many equalization methods, such as trickle equalization. This solution is simple and easy to implement. However, when there are large differences between the battery packs, the single battery will be overcharged, which will seriously affect the battery life. The discharge balance can only be used in an ideal state. Due to the physical differences of individual batteries, it is difficult to achieve a completely consistent ideal effect after the cells are deeply discharged. Even if the same effect is achieved after discharging, a new imbalance will appear in the charging process. The resistance is balanced in parallel, the circuit structure is simple, and the reliability is high. However, this solution will cause serious energy loss and is not suitable for fast charging systems. When the battery capacity is large, there will be resistance heat dissipation problems. By analyzing and researching the advantages and disadvantages of the existing equalization scheme, the author developed a real-time detection and analysis of the external parameters of the battery based on the single-chip control and the PWM shunt method to achieve equalization charging, thereby overcoming the inconsistency between the batteries and extending the battery. The service life of the battery pack improves the efficiency of the battery pack.


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