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  • Name: 24V Battery Equalizer with Display APP on Mobile Phone
  • No.: HA11



HA11 Battery Equalizer--Your Battery Protector


Product Introduction 


HA11 is an energy transfer battery equalizer with voltage display on mobile phone, which can be used for 12V batteries in series to keep battery bank voltage balance.


When battery banks are in charging/discharging/free status, batteries voltage will have  difference, which may cause one of batteries fail prematurely.    

HA11 will start to work when it detect there are 20mV voltage difference between two batteries. It will transfer energy from the higher voltage battery to the lower one until same totally.

Battery equalizer will improve battery’s performance and extent battery’s using time.


HA11 can be used for 24V, 36V, 48V and any other N*12V battery system.

1 piece for 24V system;

2 pieces for 36V system;

3 pieces for 48V system;



Product Features

» Using aluminum shell, for better cooling;

» Users can check battery voltage data through mobile APP;

» Energy transfer type equalizer, fast balance speed and low consumption;

» IP67, waterproof and moisture-proof;

» No need of external power supply or extra maintenance;

» Reverse polarity protection, safe and reliable.


Technical Specification



Battery nominal voltage


Optimizing current 


Quiescent current  



70*70*27 mm


Reverse polarity protection 

Low Voltage Disconnect


APP Operation Instruction


Please download “Battery” APP (only for Android system now)

1. After connect battery equalizer, please turn on bluetooth on mobile phone;

2. Users can track all battery equalizers connected as following,

users can change each equalizers name for better management;

3. User can check battery voltage detailed curve by entering each equalizers.