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  • No.: VWG2008 V2

VWG2008 wind & solar hybrid controller can control PV cells and wind turbines charging battery with an intelligent charge mode.

With the appearance of fine and operational running status lights, the controller is easy to operate.

Have clear indications and accurately control battery to charge and discharge, with perfect protection. Controller core component adopt the United States original micro-controller, control software using the German scenery complementary advanced control technology.

Current limiting constant voltage type charge greatly extending the battery life. Controller has a high charging efficiency, low no-load loss, security, stability, reliability and long life. Has a very high cost performance.


Main function

  1. precise control of digital and intelligent
  2. keep the battery in the full state
  3. prevent the battery overcharge
  4. prevent the battery over discharge
  5. prevent the battery reverse charge to PV cells
  6. when the battery voltage reach to the setting, disconnect the charge circuit, automatically detect wind turbine output voltage at the same time, when the wind generator output voltage is too high, the automatic braking of wind turbines
  7. when the current is too large ,the controller is automatic protection and control of wind turbine braking
  8. the wind turbine manual brake protection
  9. if load current over the rated current, the controller automatically protected and locked “Load OverCurrent”
  10. Counting charging current hours and discharging current hours of the battery, counting wind turbine and PV cell power generation
  11. According to the battery voltage automatically set the stop charging voltage, load off voltage, load recovery voltage, the braking current and braking time
  12. Users could setup the Charge-on or off voltage, the load-off voltage, the Load-on voltage, braking current and braking time etc, according to their requirements
  13. To prevent battery from over charging, Controller will automatically control the highest overcharge voltage of the battery , which is no higher than 15V (as per 12V battery) or 30V (as per 24V battery).

Perfect protection
Reverse Polarity Protection for Battery
Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar panels
Protection from the lightning strike
Protection for the load over-current
Protection for the load short-cut


Main parameters:



Rated Power

600W (Best ration: wind turbine500W, PV cells100W)

Applicable batteries

12/24V,100-300Ah(automatic distinguish voltage)

Wind turbine automatically braking voltage

17.5V/32.5V (DC voltage after rectification)

Battery full charge cut


Battery low voltage disconnect load


Load on voltage


Charge current max


Load current max


Recovery time after the automatic braking

10 Seconds(default,adjustable)

No load loss






Working environment

Environment temperature -10℃~+50℃,Relative humidity 0~90%