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  • Name: MPPT solar street light charge controller
  • No.: VWG2008SSL

MPPT solar street light charge controller

VWG2008SSL with MPPT function is able to adjust the charge current and decide if to supply the loads electricity according to the voltage of battery.



1. MPPT function

2. High efficiency

3. Time control : user can set the longitude and latitude on the LCD display,controller will calculate the local sunrise and sunset time automatically;

    light control : based on the current voltage of solar panels to determine the brightness of the light.

   Five groups independent switches can be set, each switch can set light control and time control.

4. Automatically adjust the light on/light off time according to Sunrise and sunset time in different longitude and latitude.

5. Some parameters are adjustable according to user’s requirements. 

6. The solar controller will store information such as

Total amps generated

Total Kw hours generated

Total Amps used by load

And many more

7. Removable LCD display with input keys to allow user to alter values

8. Full protection:

Battery overcharge protection

Battery over discharge protection

Load Overload

Load short circuit



Rated voltage

12V / 24V

Max Charge current

20A / 20A

Rated power

240W / 480W

Charge mode

MPPT,constant voltage with current-limiting

Over charge protective voltage

14.4V/28.8V(Default, adjust range:12~15V / 24~30V)

Over discharge protective voltage

11.9V/23.8V/ (Default,adjustable)

Over discharge voltage recovery

12.6V/25.2V (Default ,adjustable)

Load power

200W / 400W 

Load voltage

16~38V / 32-76V(adjustable)

Load current


time precision


No-load loss