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  • Name: Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller for Wind Solar Panel Street Light system
  • No.: VWG2008WSSL

HX-VWG2008 WSSL hybrid street light charge controller is a smart controller controlled by CPU. The controller will adjust the charge current and decide if charge to the battery based on the battery voltage. And this charge controller with time control and light control function.

The street light charge controller's specification: 

1.Generally keep the battery on full voltage condition.

2.Prevent the battery from overcharge and over discharge

3.Prevent supplying electricity from the battery to solar panels during nights.

4.Reverse polarity protection for battery Load-off automatically when the battery is over charged.

5.Brake the wind turbines automatically when the wind generator output voltage is too high.

6.The controller will turn into protection state and brake the wind turbine automatically when the current is too large.

7.Manual brake protection for Wind Turbine .When load current exceed the controller’s rated current, controller will disconnect load turn into the self-protection state and is automatically.Lightning protection,and can prevent the light interference.

8.Small size(diameter<12cm), can be installed inside the street light pole.

9.The display with USB connection can be removed easily.

10.It can save power.Backlight display can be seen clear even in darkness.Display is in common use with other HX-VWG series controller.

11.The charge controller is always counting the charge or discharge AH of the battery, And the total KWH which is generated by wind turbine and solar panel.

12.User can setup the charging-off voltage, the load-off voltage, the load-on voltage, brake current, brake time according to their requirement.

13.This controller can be set 5 groups independent switch of the load. Each group can be set by light control or time control or both light and time control.

14.Show current time. It can continue work at least 3 months even outage

15.It can calculate the local sunrise and sunset time automatically after input the longitude and latitude.

16.The load switch can be set self-adjust based on sunrise and sunset time. The charge-off voltage can’t bigger than the max voltage. In order to protect the battery from damage.



Rated voltage


Wind rated power


PV rated power


Charge mode

constant voltage with current-limiting,,PWM

Over charge protective voltage

14.4V/28.8V(Default, adjust range: 12~15V/24~30V)

Over discharge protective voltage 

10.5V/21V(Default, adjust range: 10~12.5,20~25.1)

Over discharge voltage recovery

12.6V/25.2V(Default,        adjust trange10.6~14.4,21.1~28.8)

Max charge current

50A/25A(Default, adjust range: 30~60A/15-30A

Brake time

6 Sec(Default, adjust range: 1~60 Sec

Max load current


No-load loss